Below is the small print – but like with our DIY kits, we want there to be no uncertainty when it comes to your purchase!

If you have any questions before, during or after your purchase, please do not hesitate to reach out via [email protected]. We are here to help.

1. General

1.1 These terms and conditions hold for all offers made by Mamahoela. 

1.2 By ordering the customer agrees to these conditions. 

1.3 Unless otherwise agreed upon in writing, general or specific conditions of third parties will not be recognised by Mamahoela.

1.4 Mamahoela guarantees that the offered products meet the agreement and the specifications mentioned in the offer. 

2. Fulfillment of orders

2.1 Fulfillment of orders occurs while supplies last. 

2.2 In case of online sales, Mamahoela will fulfill orders within 30 days. If this is not possible, or if an order can only be partially fulfilled, the customer will receive notice within 30 days of placing an order. In this case the customer has the right to cancel their order at no cost. 

2.3 The duty of fulfillment or an order has been met by Mamahoela as soon as the order has been offered to the customer once. In case of home delivery, a report by the transport party showing refusal to accept the order by the customer holds as a complete proof of offer to the customer. 

2.4 All timeframes mentioned on the website are indicative. No rights can be derived from these timeframes.

3. Prices

3.1 All prices on the website are subject to typographical errors. Mamahoela does not accept liability for the consequences of typographical errors. 

3.2 All prices on the website are in EUROs and include 21% VAT.

4. Payment

4.1 Mamahoela accepts the following payment methods: creditcard, Paypal, Ideal. Security of payment is provided by Mollie.

5. Right of return

5.1 In line with the Code on distance sales (artikel 7:5 of the Dutch Civil Code), the customer has the right to return (part of) the supplied products within a term of 30 days with no mention of reasons for return. This timeframe starts when the ordered products have been delivered. If this customer has not returned the goods after this timeframe has passed, the purchase is a fact.

5.2 The customer must notify Mamahoela of their intention to return the order within 30 days after delivery and before sending the products back to Mamahoela. The customer must prove that the supplied products were returned in time, for example with a proof of mail dispatch.

5.3 Products must be returned in their original packaging and in as-new condition. If products have been used, compromised or in any way damaged by the customer, the right of return expires.

5.4 Mamahoela refunds the full order amount including the original shipping costs within 7 days of proper reception of the return order.

5.5 Returning goods is at the risk of the customer. Costs of return shipping are covered by Mamahoela within the Netherlands. Return shipping is at the cost of the customer for returns outside the Netherlands. 

6. Data policy

6.1 When customers place an order at Mamahoela, their personal data may be stored in Mamahoela’s customer database. Mamahoela conforms to the Dutch code for personal data registration. 

6.2 Mamahoela respects the privacy of users of its website and ensures the confidential treatment of personal data. Please refer to our Privacy Policy for more information. 

7. Warranties 

7.1 Mamahoela  guarantees that the products it supplies meet the normal demands of usefulness. 

7.2 Mamahoela is not responsible for the final appropriateness of its product for each individual application by the customer, nor for any advice regarding the use or application of the products. 

7.3 The customer is obliged to check the supplied products upon receiving them. If the product appears wrong, faulty or incomplete, the customer must immediately notify Mamahoela of these faults, before returning the product. In this case products must be returned in their original packaging and in as-new condition. If the customer uses the product after noticing a fault or damage, this right to return is voided. 

7.4 If the complaints of the customer are deemed rightful by Mamahoela, Mamahoela will either replace the product at no cost, or cover the costs of the product, in which case the payment made will not exceed the original order amount paid for the product. 

8. Offers 

8.1 Offers are made without obligation, unless otherwise listed. 

8.2 Offers made by Mamahoela do not automatically also hold for reorders. 

8.3 Mamahoela cannot be held to an offer if the customer should have understood that the offer was a clear mistake or typographical error. 

8.4 Additions, changes or other agreements on top of listed offers are only valid after written agreement. 

9. Agreements

9.1 An agreement between Mamahoela and the customer is valid after an order is judged as feasible by Mamahoela. 

9.2 Mamahoela retains the right to refuse an order without listing reasons. 

10. Images and specifications

10.1 All images; photos, drawings etc.; as well as information about sizes, colors and pictures of labels on the Mamahoela website are indicative and cannot be a ground for damages or claims. 

11. Force majeure

11.1 Mamahoela is not liable in case its agreements cannot be met due to force majeure. 

11.2 Force majeure includes any unusual circumstance or cause that cannot reasonably be held to be Mamahoela’s risk. This includes delays or malpractice by our suppliers, internet, email or electricity disruptions, delays or changes in technology delivered by third parties, transit difficulties, labor disruptions, government measures. 

11.3 Mamahoela retains the right to suspend her obligations in the case of force majeure and may dissolve agreements. In this case Mamahoela cannot be obliged to pay any damages. 

12. Liability

12.1 Mamahoela is not liable for damage or harm to persons or objects caused by improper use of its products. Always read the manual and/or consult our website for guidelines for proper use. It is the sole responsibility of the customer that items made with Mamahoela DIY kits are used safely.

13. Conditions of ownership

13.1 Ownership of all by Mamahoela sold and supplied goods remains with Mamahoela as long as the customer has not met the conditions of sale listed in the agreement. 

13.2 Products supplied by Mamahoela may not be resold to other parties and may not be used as a means of payment. Items made with Mamahoela DIY kits may not be resold.

13.3 Mamahoela holds the sole copyright to its designs, brand, patterns, and instructions. These may not be reproduced in any way without advance written permission by Mamahoela.

14. Governing law

14.1 All agreements are made under Dutch governing law. 

In case of questions about these terms please contact Mamahoela via email at [email protected].

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