new mum gift hamper: the complete guide

A new mom gift hamper makes that first period with a new baby even more precious. In the traditional hamper, parents get to open a personal gift every day for the first ten days after a birth. What a lovely way to share in the joy of a new addition to the family! A new mom gift hamper is also a great show of support. After all, those first days with a newborn can be quite an adjustment!

But what is the traditional new mum gift hamper? What on earth do you put in a new mom gift hamper? How do you make a new mum hamper unique? How do you make sure there is nice variation in your ten baby gifts? We’ve collected all information and our best tips in this complete guide.

This new mom gift hamper guide contains...

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What is a new mum gift hamper?

A new mum gift hamper is a beautifully packaged gift set with (traditionally) 10 gifts for baby and new parents. The idea is that new parents open a gift every day for the first ten days of the maternity period. Each gift is numbered. As the giver, you get to decide the order of the little surprises! You get to ensure that there is nice variation in the gifts, so that there is something new to enjoy every day for the new parents.

In the Netherlands, where Mamahoela is from, the 10 day new mum maternity hamper is an old tradition. In the old days, the maternity period officially lasted 10 days there. That’s the origin of the 10 day hamper with new mum and baby gifts.

Who gives the new mum maternity hamper?

A new mum hamper is a great gift to give to your daughter when she’s become a mother. This is a very special experience for both grandmother and mother, after all. It’s also a popular and very personal gift among sisters. But recently, the new mum hamper has gained popularity also between friends and other relatives.

A new mum gift hamper can be a very original gift to give as a group of friends. This allows you to share in the cost. Plus, you each get to contribute something personal. Even employers, colleagues and companies have discovered the new mum gift hamper as a very special baby gift.

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When do you give a new mum hamper?

The best moment to gift a new mum hamper is right after the new baby has made its appearance on the scene. Traditionally, the first gift is meant for the first day of the maternity period. This means some preparation is in order.

If gifting on the very first day is tricky, one simple option is to gift the hamper before the birth. If you’re aiming to surprise the new parents, you can also have the new mum gift hamper delivered via mail on the day of the birth. There might be a delay in delivery, but that should be fine, you may assume the new mum and dad have enough on their hands in those first few days!

How do you create a new mum gift hamper?

The gifts in a new mum hamper were traditionally meant to complete the set of all items needed to take care of a newborn. But these days, you should definitely not forget some little gifts for mum and even dad! A small surprise for a big brother or sister is often hugely appreciated also. It’s a big adjustment for the especially, to share the attention.

From completely DIY to luxury ready made, new mum gift hampers come in all shapes and sizes. Of course, the sweetest gifts are personal and suit the tastes of the new parents. Putting together your own hamper is therefore especially precious. Plus it’s a great way to gift your home-made baby gifts !

To help you on your way, we’ve lined up a how-to of putting together a new mum gift hamper, plus a complete list of gifts to include for each of the 10 days.

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10 days of new mum gifts:

What gifts should you put in a new mum gift hamper?

There are so many baby gifts and new mum treats to choose from. But what really pleases the exhausted new parent? And what makes your new mum gifts original? Let our list inspire you!

Day 1: Making memories

Many young parents plan to capture happy memories with their baby when they’re older. Of course it’s nice to start right when the baby is born. But reality check: keeping up is hard! Many parents end up with just a phone full of photos. You can make it easy for them with your first new mum hamper gift.

For example, provide a special diary in which parents can write a line every day. A classic choice is of course a baby album, where parents can also keep nice memories like ultrasounds. On websites like Etsy you can have personal albums made with the baby’s name. Or if you want to make it truly special: give a voucher for a baby photo shoot!

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Day 2: Personalised baby gift

What could be more fun than a personalised new mum hamper gift with the name of the newborn child. But how do you gift this in a new mum gift hamper if you don’t know the baby’s name yet?

A DIY kit makes and original baby name gift that allows the parents to get creative themselves. Check out our colourful felt name banner DIY kit for some inspiration. Or perhaps you’d like to gift a more classic wall hanging, but with a modern twist. Have a look at our beautiful DIY kit for a punch needle name banner.

Day 3: A treat for mum and dad

The third day after a birth is often when the full weight of tiredness kicks in. A little TLC for the new parents is more than welcome.

Maybe a nice coupon for a massage will be appreciated? Or, if you want to keep it simple, a nice magazine or subscription for the little moments of relaxation between feeds. A very personal way to treat new parents is to bake some nice cookies and gift them in a pretty tin.

Day 4: A sweet mini-outfit

All those adorable mini baby clothes send lots of new mum hearts aflutter. Baby clothes in the smallest sizes are a popular gift. But once the baby arrives, you’d be surprised at how quickly they grow out of these! If you’d like to gift a baby outfit in your new mum gift hamper, it could be a good idea to choose a slightly larger size.

A playsuit for a three-month old is a very helpful gift. A first pair of shoes can be an enduring and meaningful gift. But you can also keep it modest: cute socks or slippers always come in handy. You never have enough of those!

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Day 5: Sleep, glorious sleep

Day 4 is a great day to gift a baby blanket in your new mum gift hamper. Baby blankets come in all shapes and sizes. Natural materials like wool and cotton are definitely favourite for their breathability and warmth.

Even more personal: sew your own baby blanket! Our DIY kits for blankets made from organic cotton make it super easy.

Day 6: Cheerful nursery

A lot of parents will spend some time decorating the nursery during pregnancy leave. Still, an extra colourful gift in the new mum gift hamper might be much appreciated. If you’d like to create something personal yourself, a nicely framed photo or artwork are great options. Or perhaps you have kids yourself who would enjoy to draw something for the new baby?

Or perhaps you prefer an easy option. A colourful print or poster is always fun for a nursery. We would be amiss not to mention our own beautiful, sustainable posters! We carry ten designs in all sorts of colours. So there is always a print that suits the nursery.

Mamahoela poster Drum room vertical

Day 7: Time for the new parents

There are all sorts of little ways to give the most precious gift of all in a new mum gift hamper: time. It’s fun to gift these in a beautiful voucher.

You might consider, for example, a weekly grocery run. Offer an evening of babysitting, or a home-made meal. Or, if you’re taking an easier route, include a gift voucher from a meal delivery service in your new mum gift hamper. One less thing to worry about for a very tired new mum or dad!

Day 8: Outdoor adventure

If mum and bub are doing well, it might become more normal to take the little one outside by day 9. A nice gift for the road can be very thoughtful to include in your new mum gift hamper.

There is always the more practical babygear. Items like a diaper change mat, pacifier clip or milk container set are always useful. Or perhaps you’d like to gift a pram chain to keep baby occupied during walks. These types of items always come in handy!

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Day 9: Stuffed toy

Many newborns can expect a positive avalanche of stuffed toys. So why include one in your new mum gift hamper? Because it’s so special to have your stuffed toy become the favourite!

For the very youngest, a toy to hang on the side of the crib is great. These kinds of toys offer a familiar sight and help the little one to fall asleep. You might take inspiration from our DIY kit for a musical toy. It’s easy to make this toy yourself using a punch needle. This cosy egg with sweet lullaby has a good shot of becoming The Chosen Toy!

Day 10: Play the day away

A new mum gift hamper would not be complete without a baby book. A soft fabric booklet is best for the smallest babies. This allows them to explore colours and textures themselves. This way, fabric books stimulate the senses and fine motor skills.

What could be more fun than to make such a soft fabric booklet yourself! A very personal way to end your ten days of new mum gift hamper gifts. Check out our sof book DIY kit. Not only does this book have all sorts of sounds and flaps to discover; it’s also personalised! You embroider the baby’s name on the front with some simple stitches. That’s guaranteed to become a favourite read.

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How do you make your new mum gift hamper original?

How do you make sure your new mum gift hamper really stands out? With these tips you can be sure your hamper radiates love!

1. Choose a theme

An original and personal new mum gift hamper starts with a little bit of planning. You can choose a particular colour scheme or theme. Consider the new parents’ taste when choosing your look.

2. Choose a unique hamper

Once you’ve decided on the gifts for your new mum gift hamper, you can choose the hamper itself. It’s best to wait until you know the size you need. Nothing more disappointing than a half empty gift hamper! But what type of hamper to choose?

It’s nice to pick a hamper or other container that will be useful after the newborn days. That makes for not just a nice keepsake, it is also the most sustainable. We’ve listed some original new mum gift hamper options:

  • Wicker basket. The most traditional option for a classic hamper is of course a wicker basket. A vintage wicker doll pram can be a really fun option for your hamper! They’re readily available second hand online.
  • Felt basket. Felt is a beautiful material that is very well suited for baby gear. It is soft and natural, and comes in the most beautiful colours.  You can find these felt baskets ready-made, but they’re easy to make yourself too. Bonus points if you add the baby’s name on it!
  • Crochet basket. A crochet basket may sound a little old fashioned, but in fresh colours and with bulky cotton it can be very modern and original. A soft crochet basket will come in handy for many years. It can serve as a laundry basket, for example. If you like, you can make it easily yourself, and adapt it to your own size and colour needs.
  • (Vintage) suitcase. Using a vintage suitcase as your new mom gift hamper gives it so much personality. Small children love having their own suitcase for sleepovers. Plus they can be a stylish way to store toys in the nursery. Websites like Etsy and Ebay have lots of choice.
  • Decorated gift box. The humble cardboard box can be gorgeous if you decorate it with matching paper. Line the inside of the box as well and place the gifts on a ‘bed’ of muslin cloths for a stylish finish. Voila, a personal and simple way to gift all your new mum hamper gifts.

3. Wrap all your gifts with love

It may take some time to thoughtfully wrap all ten haper gifts. But trust us, it’s worth it! A gift that was wrapped with love is so much fun to unpack. Plus, it really adds that finishing touch to your new mum gift hamper. So pick some nice paper and go wild with ribbons!

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Mamahoela baby milestone cards set 12

4. Use nice labels to number the days

The nice thing about the new mum gift hamper tradition is the fact that there’s something to unpack for ten days. So place a nice label on each of your gifts to highlight this countdown! To make your hamper original, of course you’ll pick some special labels!

Your local craft shop is sure to stock some nice wooden or felt numbers. Or you can use stamps to create something special.

It’s even more fun to attach some beautiful numbered cards to your gifts. These can be framed afterwards. Or you can use a baby milestone card set. These can be used to track baby’s growth, so they’ll stick around!

Wrap it up!

Enjoy putting together your very special new mum gift hamper! Would you like to receive some personal baby gift advice? Please feel free to reach out through our contact page! Looking for even more baby gift inspiration? Take a look at our shop!

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